Run Away With Me (cover)

Let me be your ride out of town, let me be the place where you hide <3
image from Google

Trying something new!

I would occasionally post cover videos for fun on YouTube, but SoundCloud’s a bit different. Seems a little (a lot) more legit. People sound so good there, it’s amazing. How they get to sound so pro, I don’t know. Do they all just have perfect equipment??? Haha. Oh well, not humble-bragging, given that I just posted my own tracks there lol, but just sincerely sharing! Nowhere near as good as those Soundcloud peeps – I really just joined to listen to new music – but do check out my stuff if you feel like it!😉 Steady naman, I think. HAHA.

Btw if you’re not familiar with this song and the musical it’s from, it’s called Run Away With Me  from “The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown” by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk. Here’s one great performance of the song by ultra hottie Aaron Tveit (can’t remember how many times I’ve shared this video hahaha). Get ready to fall in love.

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