Trying something new!


I would occasionally post cover videos for fun on YouTube, but SoundCloud’s a bit different. Seems a little more legit. People sound so good there, it’s kind of amazing. How they get to sound so pro, I don’t know. It’s like everyone has perfect equipment, geez. Haha. Oh well, not humble-bragging, given that I just posted my own tracks there lol, but just sincerely sharing! Nowhere near as good as those Soundcloud peeps- I really just joined to listen to new music- but do check out my stuff if you feel like it! ;) Steady naman, I think. HAHA. Although I have a feeling this new online space is gonna be filled mostly with my self-indulgent (read: feeling) musical theater dreams haha! Just sound, no visuals eh. I can emote to my heart’s content. And no one will ever know. Sweet.

Btw if you’re not familiar with this song and the musical it’s from, it’s called Run Away With Me  from “The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown” by Kerrigan-Lowdermilk. Here’s one great performance of the song by ultra hottie Aaron Tveit (can’t remember how many times I’ve shared this video hahaha). Get ready to fall in love.

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